Quality policy :

    Domaine ELBOURA’s goal is to supply its clients with safe, healthy, loyal and marketable product with the best quality, produced in perfectly safe conditions (Product Safety, Safety and Occupational Healthy, Social Security, and Safety against the alterations actions, malicious and criminals) with perfect traceability and friendly environment.

    Domaine ELBOURA is committed to satisfying the requirements of clients and interested parties. We also commit to continuously improve the efficiency of our management system to assure his performance.

    Throughout the production and packaging process, we ensure the food safety of our products.

    Domaine ELBOURA considers the respect of national as well as international working law and standards as key factor to achieve its goal, this how we ensure to improve employees occupational safety and health, and social conditions.

    All necessary resources are implanted to manage alterations actions, malicious, criminals and terrorists risks.

    Domaine ELBOURA is committed to protect environment, to prevent pollution, to minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources, to rationally use plant protection products and fertilizers, to protect the fauna and flora and to comply with the compliance obligations relating with environmental aspects.

    Domaine ELBOURA’s management and employees are committed to work together with clients and suppliers to achieve the synergy necessary to make these goals a reality.