The unique Domaine ELBOURA

If you are looking for outstanding quality fruit delivered in an effective and reliable manner you are looking for Domaine ELBOURA.
We are able to satisfy all client requirements more completely than any other company and because we are vertically integrated we are able to offer the following advantages:

Fully Integrated

Domaine ELBOURA Domaine ELBOURA is 100% integrated. Our fruit is grown in our own orchards and packed in our own PackHouse. Our fruit is exported and marketed by our own in house team. Every step from the nursery through the orchard, packing, marketing and export is controlled by the same management team. We are producers not speculators. We do not buy any fruit from other growers to sell on.
In this regard Domaine ELBOURA is unique.

Ecologically Orientated

Domaine ELBOURA uses the region's climatic advantages to be ecologically orientated. Our climate could be viewed as harsh with its very high temperatures (50C) and low humidity (7%). We find that this climate is both exceptional and useful in producing fruit with less pesticide. The pests, bacteria, fungi and even viruses are halted or indeed eradicated by these conditions. Following these summer conditions, our orchards are left virtually disease free. We reinforce this natural process by the production of beneficial predators raised in our own insectary and then released into our orchards. Due to the large size of our farm we are able to create a very favorable environment for growing our citrus fruits. Chemical treatments are avoided as much as possible but when this is not possible, any treatment is subject to very strict regulation. Our fertilizer program is defined and monitored to be fully effective. Our citrus fruits are produced in a natural way. They are not factory made! Our goal over the last 25 years has been to produce fruit with less chemical use.
In this regard Domaine ELBOURA is unique.

Farm Proximity

Our total production is grown on only 5 farms. Our farms are located in the best citrus producing area: Taroudant in Southern Morocco. The production practices are identical on all our farms. Fruit is packed in only one packing station which works to the very highest of standards. The packing station is located on our central farm and the 2nd and 3rd farms are 10 and 17miles away respectively. Therefore the time from harvest to packing is very short.
In this regard Domaine ELBOURA is unique.

Highly Skilled Staff

Domaine EBOURA has 1000 proud employees. They are all well trained and include highly qualified technicians, skilled agronomists, horticulturalists, phytopathologists, entomologists and managers. All our agricultural procedures go through well-organised and effective systems before implementation.

In this regard Domaine ELBOURA is unique.

Certified Company

Domaine ELBOURA is already certified :

  • BRC.
  • IFS.
  • ISO 22000.
  • NM 00.5.601.
  • ISO 14001.
  • TAHSINE (Covid 19) Expired.

The rules and requirements of these certifications are well implemented and enforced.

Social Responsibility

Domaine ELBOURA respects the rules and conditions of the International Labour Organization which it has implemented within its business. We also respect all Moroccan legislation to promote good working conditions for all. Social security, retirement plans, insurance and other benefits are made available to all employees.

ElBOURA's produce is in perfect condition, and sold upon arrival freshness is key.

Domaine ELBOURA is UNIQUE and we welcome the opportunity to place our high quality citrus fruits into the hands of the most discerning importers for the benefit of the consumer.